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Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions

Fresh 48 newborn sessions have been less frequently done since the beginning of the Pandemic, but these sessions are so important

Sure, You Could Do It Yourself.

You could try and figure out how to take some special photos of your baby, hours after giving birth, but why would you when you can hire a professional. Babies change so quickly. and thats why fresh 48 photography is so important. Your baby will be completely different once it comes time for their newborn photos, so captures these fleeting moments, right away. 

But if you're anything like me, you know you need to hire the expert for this kinda thing.

but let's be real.

Deciding to forego a family member in the hospital visiting totally sucks

I 100% get it, having to decide between a photographer and a family member visiting in the hospital sucks, but honestly, I would do it. And not because I am a photographer, but because I know how special these memories are and I would want an expert to capture them!

So what if you decided to hire the professional, what do you get?

fresh 48 newborn photographer

Want someone to help you make your photoshoot dreams come true?

If you are at the point in your pregnancy that you know you want to preserve these memories, and you want an expert to do it, reach out. I would love to chat about your vision and how we might be able to bring it to life together. 

Yes, please


First you'll reach out to me and we will go over all the details including pricing info, sessions start at $550.


I will get your due date on my calendar and we will chat about all the special newborn gowns and layers I can bring to your session.


You let me know when baby is here, I come to the hospital, your images will be ready for reveal within 2 weeks

Kind Words

Kayla is absolutely amazing at what she does.  In such a digital age, it’s easy to just keep photos on your phone and never make physical copies. With Kayla’s help, our house looks beautiful and cozy with our family photos hung up everywhere! Thank you Kayla for a wonderful experience!

— Megan

I cannot praise Kayla enough for how incredible she was with my family, in particular my newborn and son who is active and at that awkward age where smiling for pictures is a chore. She worked incredible magic to get the best smiles out of him. Kayla is warm, friendly and instantly puts you and your family at ease. This was an incredible experience and I will be connecting with her again for future photoshoots

- Anise

Kayla has a great way of making you feel beautiful and comfortable during the shoot! The gown options are gorgeous and she knows exactly how to get the perfect shot! 

— Stephanie


I'm the expert on all things newborn

Hospital rooms are dimly lit, and these low light situations is where I thrive. Positioning baby in that sweet bassinet, capturing the wrinkled toes and fingers. Preserving these moments within the first hours of life. 


You’re someone who needs a photographer.

And not just any photographer. You need a newborn photographer who will just show up, rush through and leave you with images that are less desirable. You need a photographer who understands the lighting in hospitals and uses it to their advantage to produce special moments captured through their lens.

Don't you just wish that someone would GET it? Someone could create the kind of work, the kind of session you are dreaming of? Well.... great news.

“Kayla was the best choice I’ve made for my pregnancy, hands down. She’s a freaking creative genius!” 

- Jessica

With me as your photographer

You Will:

+ have access to multiple newborn gowns

+ feel confident in your photographers abilities

+ have heirloom products to pass on

+ cherish memories forever

want something like that?

get in touch

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