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 Pennsylvania Maternity Photographer

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Welcoming a new baby, or documenting the life that you're living right now

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When you’re having your first baby, it can be hard to keep up with everything that’s happening. Finding a maternity photographer who knows what you need can seem overwhelming.

One of the most exciting times of your life is also one of the most stressful. And your future memories are a really important part of this time. Your own maternity photos can help you remember those times forever, but finding the right photographer for your unique needs might not be easy.

Let me help you get the memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime by being the perfect maternity and newborn photographer for you.

About me

Kayla Mae Photo

Pregnancy is Hard Enough!

The last thing you want is cheesy, emotionless images, you'll never want to look at.

Or the headache of figuring out what to wear, or where to order a dress from.

You need a photographer with the skills to make your maternity session effortless, from planning all the way to choosing products for your walls. Learn more about my process and how I help moms feel beautiful and capture it in camera.

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Thinking about investing in a maternity or newborn session?

The idea of having a newborn or maternity session catered to you and your style might sound appealing right? But at the same time it probably sounds pretty overwhelming. I can help with that!

here's what i do:



The first step (after booking of course) is your gown consult. Or for a newborn session, a consult to choose your colors for your session! This sets the stage for your session and what you want it to be!

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After your gown consult we will plan the location for your session. Your gowns chosen for your session will play part in your maternity location. For newborn session we will plan in home, or in studio. During your session I will guide you and tell you exactly what to do with your hands!

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Within two weeks after your session we will schedule a reveal and ordering appointment. Here is where you will choose your final images and your wall art or albums!

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Helping moms feel confident in all walks of motherhood


Every journey in motherhood is beautiful. I've struggled through my own journey, having a baby and then struggling with loss and infertility. I believe in helping mommas feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, I believe in making a maternity and newborn photography experience as stress free as possible!

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