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December 21, 2020

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From past sessions, to advice on booking your own session and everything in between. Here to help you learn more about maternity and newborn photography and why its so important.
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Which is best for your family? And why.

Each family is different, which means each families needs are different. But there are a few things that you should consider before making the decision to book a full session or a mini session!

The most important thing, in my opinion, to take into consideration when booking a professional photographer is the personalities of your family members. If your kiddos take time to warm up to someone, a full session is probably best. Mini sessions are typically around 15 minutes tops. This is not a lot of time for a shy kiddo to open up to a new face. If your photographer has been your photographer for awhile, a mini session might be an option, but if they are a new face, consider booking a full session. If your kids or less prone to being shy in front of the camera, a mini session is great for you!

What do you want out of your session?

You should know when you are booking, what it is you want out of your session. Do you want digital images to print for Christmas cards, or do you want to make heirloom albums to cherish the time that your family is in now? Here is why knowing what you actually want is important. If you are wanting an album dedicated to your family and the place that you are in right now, the relationship between you and your partner and your children, if this is something that you really want, a mini session is just not gonna cut it. And listen, I am a mini session girl, I think they are great, I think that they are the perfect choice for a lot of families, but they are not heirloom sessions. During a full session your photographer can explore the relationships within your family and the personalities in such better depth that leaves you with that legacy that can be printed and kept forever. And don’t get me wrong we can capture gorgeous images at mini sessions as well, images with emotions and relationships, but 15 minutes is truly not enough time to learn little inside jokes between you and to capture those little personal things that are hidden in the insecurities of getting your picture taken.

Budget is more often than not a deciding factor for people when booking a full or mini session with a professional photographer. It’s important to remember while mini sessions cost less, they are less time and are typically just as expensive or more expensive than a full session when you take into consideration what comes with your session. Mini sessions are meant to be a taste of what it is like to work with a photographer. You will usually find that mini sessions come with limited digital images and prints. If budget is your last deciding factor, look at what the photographers mini sessions for the year typically are priced, and inquire about their full sessions. If your families personalities lead you to want a full session, this information will help you budget to be able to have that full session with your dream photographer.

Remember that whether you choose a full session or a mini session both experiences can be great, or they can be terrible. I encourage you to read reviews about the photographer you are considering and check out their website to make sure what they are offering is what you are looking for!

Leave a comment below if you take something else into consideration when booking a full session or mini session!

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