Hi! I'm Kayla, a Pennsylvania Maternity and Newborn Photographer

30 something momma with anxiety and ADHD, obsessed with Gyros and root beer, lover of coffee and chocolate.

"Kayla has helped our family realize the value of having family photos taken, as well as getting them printed! In such a digital age, it’s easy to just keep photos on your phone and never make physical copies. With Kayla’s help, our house looks beautiful and cozy with our family photos hung up everywhere! Thank you Kayla for a wonderful experience!"

- Megan


I worked a 9-5 and did my photography as just some hobby, wasn't

I photographed clients on the weekends, I spent late nights editing and educating myself, saving every penny for new gear. For years I did this, until 2020 hit HARD. I realized how important maternity and newborn photography was to me and to other women.

Thanks to Anna T Photography for the branding shots.

Then I finally found my purpose, helping women feel comfortable in their own skin pregnant. 

I travel all over the state and really even the east coast to serve my clients. I sometimes swear and talk too much, so trust me, I'm not offended if I'm not the photographer for you. I made the choice to become a maternity and newborn photographer because helping mommas feel beautiful in one of their most vulnerable times in life is my JAM. As a momma myself I am incredibly aware of how pregnancy is 100% not as beautiful as everyone tells you. Ya know, like when they told you there would be glowing.. I am here for you to help you find that glow.

I have been photographing families since 2015 and in 2020 after years of my own infertility and pregnancy loss my rollercoaster of grief, loss and finally meeting my sweet rainbow baby led my heart to maternity and newborn photography. I had a new appreciation of that special time and for how hard some women work to achieve it. When I purchased my first client closet gown, all I knew at that time was that I wanted to provide more for my maternity clients. I never dreamed how it would grow and what it would turn into. Now, 40 + gowns later, my client closet is absolutely everything I could ever want, and everything my clients need! High end gowns for every body shape, size and complexion.

my client closet is seriously my baby, if you haven't noticed from the million times I've mentioned it

Top: My sweet kiddos. Left, my sweet kiddos again. Right: me with my fave gowns.




I can spend hours scrolling through tik tok - cringe, I know


I can't drive at night, well I can, but I refuse to because I am basically blind in the dark.


My favorite show is currently Virgin River - I binged the 3rd season in like two days.


I never wanna give up my high rise skinny jeans.

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence


celeb i'd love to meet

Ellen Pompeo

Guilty pleasure

Rewatching Vampire Diaries

alternate universe job:

Teacher ( I actually love teaching )

favorite place i've been:

OBX - I wish it was my second home

drink of choice

Root beer

can't live without

Kettle Cooked BBQ Chips (Middlesworth)

usually craving


beach vs mountains

Beach for me, mountains for photos.

favorite show to binge

Anything on netflix - I always need background noise

what i can do for you:


With a client closet stocked to the brim with high end maternity gowns, you are bound to have the most sensational maternity session!


In the hospital, in your home, or in my studio, documenting those sweet tiny features gives you something special to hold onto long after they're grown.


After the babies are born and continue to grow, I am here to continue documenting your family Every step of the way!


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